Chieh Cheng, Auri Rahimzadeh, «Hacking Digital Cameras»

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Chieh Cheng, Auri Rahimzadeh, «Hacking Digital Cameras»

Chieh Cheng, Auri Rahimzadeh, «Hacking Digital Cameras»
Publisher: Wiley | Sep 2005 | ISBN-13: 978-0764596513 | Pages: 550 | Format: PDF | Size: 21 MB

Why waste a thousand words?

Photos tell stories. And the more you can do with your digital camera, the better the story you can tell. So build a remote control and sneak up on that picture that keeps eluding you. Create an adapter that lets you use SLR-type lenses on your point-and-shoot. Play with lens magnification or create a pinhole lens. Beef up flash memory. And that's just where the tale begins. The ending is up to you.

Hack any digital camera

Illustrated step-by-step directions for more than 20 hacks, including:

* Building triggers
* Accessing raw sensor data
* Making accessory lens adapters
* Eliminating the infrared blocking filter
* Extending lenses
* Making reverse macro adapters
* Building a monopod
* Creating bicycle and car mounts
* Hacking microdrives from other devices