HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference

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HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference|Michael O'Dea|McGraw-Hill Osborne Media|Ebook|PDF|289 pages|3 Mb

Text provides a reference on securing Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP system, and Windows Server 2003. Shows how hackers find, probe, and compromise Windows systems; and how to use freeware and built-in Windows security tools.

From the Back Cover

HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference gives you step-by-step details of intrusion tactics, tools, and actual techniques used by criminals to break into computer networks. Understand how the attacks work, then learn how to access and strengthen your Windows systems through a series of tested and trusted anti-hacking methods, bulletproof best practices, and system-level techniques. Use the unique Reference Center in the middle of the book to access key information, including common port numbers, system commands, reference links, the top security assessment and hacker tools, and more.

* Build secure environments using Windows upgrades, tools, and techniques
* Keep systems up-to-date and well patched
* Identify what to protect and guard against by learning hacking techniques
* Block initial entry and limit hacker handholds
* Deploy internal IP Security solutions with ease
* Use Encrypting File System for transparent storage security
* Learn best practices for defending both internal and Internet-facing Windows systems
* Secure IIS installations
* Keep unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive data
* Secure Windows desktops, servers, or entire Active Directory domains
* Review usage and security innovations of Windows Server 2003