Anthony Aust, «Handbook of International Law»

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Anthony Aust, «Handbook of International Law»

Anthony Aust, «Handbook of International Law»
Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521823498 | November 2005 | PDF | 554 Pages | 2,07 Mb

• A comprehensive but concise overview of international law
• The author's clear and accessible style makes the subject understandable to non-international lawyers, non-lawyers and students. His practical approach reflects his experience of 35 years as a legal adviser in a leading foreign ministry.
• Provides numerous references to sources and other materials, including many authoritative and useful websites

1. International law; 2. States and recognition; 3. Territory; 4. Jurisdiction; 5. The law of treaties; 6. Diplomatic privileges and immunities; 7. State immunity; 8. Nationality, aliens and refugees; 9. International organisations; 10. The United Nations, including the use of force; 11. Human rights; 12. The law of armed conflict; 13. International criminal law; 14. Terrorism; 15. The law of the sea; 16. International environmental law; 17. International civil aviation; 18. Special regimes; 19. International economic law; 20. Succession of states; 21. State responsibility; 22. Settlement of disputes; 23. European Union.