Home Networking For Dummies 3 rd Edition

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Home Networking For Dummies 3rd Edition | April 2005 | by Kathy Ivens | PDF | 408 Pages | 5 Mb

A network is a system of two or more computers that are connected in some manner

As home networking technologies become more affordable and more popular, this new edition of a bestseller introduces readers to the basics of home networking
Walks readers through sharing printers or an Internet connection across several computers and explains how game consoles, televisions, and stereos can also be networked
Discusses all of the important aspects of having a home network, including planning and installing the network, security, and maintenance
This new edition covers Windows XP Service Pack 2 (a significant update for security, compatibility, stability, wired and wireless networking, and broadband changes) and pays special attention to the Windows Firewall
Topics include choosing and installing hardware, file sharing, sharing an Internet connection, security, Wi-Fi, and network maintenance

I've seen many complains recently about being unable to download from rapishare servers.Do you guys want a full tutorial with screenshots to learn the tricks?
If I have more than 15 replies I'll make one.(PDF right?)
15 requests at least are necessary so I make sure there's a demand for such things.I don't want to waste my time on useless things nobody wants :)
I'll make a guide for the following 2 classes of browsers:
IE based browsers and mozilla based browsers (such as Firefox)
With this guide you'll be able to trick rapidshare or any other server to download as much as you want.