McGraw-Hill - How to Do Everything with Photoshop 7

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Photoshop is the single most powerful tool for creating, manipulating and editing images. It is the standard image manipulation program used around the world by graphic designers, photographic retouchers, and web designers.

Photoshop and the companion program, ImageReady, is used for everything from retouching damaged photographs to creating stunning animation for the Web.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer and art director for a number of years, using Photoshop to do everything from creating images for print to retouching video animation to creating web pages. I’ve taught many beginners how to use Photoshop, and I’ve kept those users most in mind while writing this book. I feel strongly that lack of knowledge about software should not be a barrier to expressing your creativity or getting your work done, so this book was written to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Although Photoshop offers a vast array of tools, commands and filters, its powerfulness and depth can be extremely intimidating for a beginner. Starting with Photoshop is akin to being placed in the pilot’s seat of a 747, getting a pat on the shoulder, and hearing “You have fun now!” What do you do first? Next? What’s
the best tool for the task? What are some of these tools used for?

The aim of this book is to guide beginners through the most common uses of Photoshop in a clear and direct manner. I’ve asked coworkers, friends and family about how they use Photoshop. With their help, I’ve addressed the most common
tasks, effects, and frustrations Photoshop users encounter. I hope you find this book helpful in your Photoshop work.