How To Draw Manga. Vol 1,2

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И сказал Avax:
Как научиться рисовать героев аниме и манга? О, это очень просто — вначале нужно научиться рисовать все остальное, а дальше дело пойдет как по маслу, уж можете мне поверить!

Что еще добавить? :)

Society for the Study of Manga Techniques, "How To Draw Manga. Volume 1. Compiling Characters"
Graphic-Sha | ISBN 4889960422 | 1999 Year | PDF | 81 Mb | 116 Pages

This volume is aimed at the advancement of manga and prepared by a group of assistants to popular manga artist Yu Kinutani. It begins with the use of drawing utensils and covers character faces, full bodies, arms, legs, hair and so on. The instructions are presented in easy-to-understand "blocks". A great way to begin a hobby or career in the field of Japanese manga.

Society for the Study of Manga Techniques, "How to Draw Manga Volume 2 Compiling Techniques"
Graphic-Sha | ISBN 4889960449 | 2000 Year | PDF | 36 Mb | 120 Pages

The second in a surprise hit series. A host of techniques are introduced, including the motion lines and structure lines that always appear in manga, along with shading techniques and how to express texture. You won't find another instructional guide as easy to follow or as awesome.