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Human Design System: Beyond Psychology and Coaching

Posted By: lucky_aut
Human Design System: Beyond Psychology and Coaching

Human Design System: Beyond Psychology and Coaching
Published 4/2024
Duration: 3h39m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 2.16 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Radical Transformation To Living Your Truth

What you'll learn
Find out about your human design type
Learn about your specific strategy for navigating life
Access your inner authority to make any decision in life
Live your purpose as your authentic self
Let go of what no longer serves you, causing resistance: anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment
Learn to finally love yourself
You will learn to not make decisions from the mind

No prerequisites. If it is for you, you will enroll.

Unlock the secrets of the Human Design System in this groundbreaking course, and embark on a journey of radical transformation towards living your most authentic self, by remembering your embedded, born-with human language, a language perfectly expressed through your body as your human design type. We just didn't know how to access it and now you will with the Human Design System.
"Human Design System: Beyond Psychology and Coaching" offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, providing you with a detailed map to understand your true self and live a life of alignment and purpose.
Why Human Design?
Unlike traditional psychology, which categorizes behavior, or standard coaching, which applies one-size-fits-all solutions, Human Design acknowledges your unique energetic, genetic blueprint. This course demystifies how to use this blueprint to make decisions that are in perfect alignment with who you are, paving the way for a life of less resistance and more fulfillment. It is all about living out your uniqueness correctly, no right or wrong.
What You Will Learn:
Your human design chart shows your specific genetic design: affirming who you really are, how to be yourself, and how to navigate successfully through a constantly changing world.
It provides you with the tools you need to live an aware and awake life.
A simple Strategy you can trust that reliably connects you to your personal inner Authority in order to make moment-to-moment decisions that are correct for you so that your unique life purpose can unfold naturally.
Your Strategy will help you eliminate resistance (frustration, anger, disappointment, bitterness) and fear in order to live in a relaxed, unique, creative and evolutionary/revolutionary way.
Your chart maps out your relationship dynamics to help you understand how the attractions, resonances and conflicts between you and others play out.
It gives you guidance on how to align yourself with people who enhance your vitality, support your life purpose, and share your true path.
Understanding the human design charts of others illustrates the truly unique and individual natures of those close to you, like family and friends, and how best to respect and interact with them.
Most importantly, a chart shows us how to create the best environment for children so that they are empowered to be their unique selves, and to learn and develop as individuated human beings.
Invitation to the Human Design Experiment:
Whether you're new to Human Design or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, this course is your gateway to living a life aligned with your true nature. Embark on this transformative journey and unlock the power of living your truth. Enroll in "Human Design System: Beyond Psychology and Coaching" today and step into the life you were designed to live.
Who this course is for:
Individuals seeking deeper self-understanding and personal growth
Life coaches, therapists, and wellness professionals looking to enrich their practices
Anyone interested in alternative approaches to psychology and personal development
Spiritual seekers and those curious about the mechanics behind behavior and personality
Parents and Educators: Caregivers and teachers looking for ways to support the unique development of children and students, fostering environments where they can thrive.
Relationships: Individuals aiming to improve their interpersonal dynamics, seeking understanding and harmony in personal and professional relationships.

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