Hunters of Dune Audiobook

Posted By: synapsedkb
Author: B. Herbert & K. J. Anderson
Read By: Scott Brick
Copyright: 2006
Abridged: No

Hunters of Dune and the concluding volume, Sandworms of Dune, bring
together the great story lines and beloved characters in Frank Herbert's
classic Dune universe, ranging from the time of the Butlerian Jihad
to the original Dune series and beyond. Based directly on Frank Herbert's
final outline, which lay hidden in a safe-deposit box for a decade,
these two volumes will finally answer the urgent questions Dune fans
have been debating for two decades.

15 .rar files 50 MB each, plus one parity file if there are errors

This is my first post so let me know if there are problems. Mirror if you want, though downloading from RS will help me get points and keep me going longer. I have several hundred gigs of audiobooks in many catagories, mostly non-fiction, educational, political, history, science, and some sci-fi. RS uploads verrrry slow (this took 48 hours) so I will upload what I can. If you have requests maybe I can help out.