P. Mix. Introduction to Nondestructive Testing : A Training Guide

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P. Mix, «Introduction to Nondestructive Testing : A Training Guide, 2nd edition» | «Wiley-Interscience» 2005 | 697 Pages | 26 Mb |PDF

Contains the background information needed by students and NDT personnel who want to qualify for NDT Levels I, II, and III certification-in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (August 1984 edition). Contents follow the general outline of SNT-TC-1A. Includes typical chapter questions and answers, as well as information on recent state-of-the-art developments. In the case of Level III certification, the book is meant to supplement the required hands-on laboratory and field training. College and university instructors should find the text especially useful in working with private industry and NDT employers. Coverage is broad in scope, making this guide a useful general reference. Topics covered include the theory and techniques of radiographic equipment, magnetic particle tests, ultrasonic testing, liquid penetrant tests, electromagnetic testing method, neutron radiographic testing, leak testing methods, acoustic emissions, visual inspection and holography.