IP Routing Fundamentals (Cisco Fundamentals)

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IP Routing Fundamentals (Cisco Fundamentals)

«IP Routing Fundamentals (Cisco Fundamentals)»
by Mark Sportack
Cisco Press | ISBN 157870071X | 1999 Year | PDF | 2.2 Mb | 521 Pages

IP Routing Fundamentals provides a detailed examination of routers and the common routing protocols. This examination gives the reader the context for understanding how routers can be used most effectively in today's networks, as well as how they will continue to be used in future network design. Part One discusses the many roles routers play in networks. Part Two talks about the inner workings of routers while Part Three discusses the operation-al issues of routing protocols. Part Four addresses implementation issues to provide some practical insight to the earlier sections, as well as discussing what the future of routing holds. Table of Contents- Part One- The Many Roles of the Router - Introduction to Internetworking; Roles of Routers in LANs; and Roles of Routers in WANs Part Two- The Inner Workings - Routed Protocols; Anatomy of a Router; and Mechanics of Routing Protocols Part Three- Routing Protocols - Routing Information Protocol (RIP); Routing Information Protocol 2 (RIP 2); Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP); Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol (EIGRP); Open Shortest Path First (OSPF); Intermediate System-Intermediate System (IS-IS); and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). Part Four- Internetworking with Routers - Building Internetworks; and Internetworking with Dissimilar Routing Protocols Part Five- The Future of Routing - The Future of Routing.