Strength Analysis in Geomechanics

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Serguey A. Elsoufiev, «Strength Analysis in Geomechanics»
Springer | ISBN 3540370528 | January 2007 | PDF | 3.4 Mb | 233 pages



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This book presents a new approach for the solution of geomechanical problems - it explicitly takes into account deformation and fractures of soils in explicitly, which are neglected in classical methods although these properties create important effects. The method reveals the influence of the form of a structure on its ultimate state. It considers the rheological law which accounts for large strains, and a non-linear unsteady creep, an influence of a stress state type, an initial anisotropy, and damages is introduced. The whole approach takes into account five types of non-linearity (physical as well as geometrical ones) and contains several new ideas. For example, the fracture is considered as a process, and the difference between the body and an element of the material is taken into account which only deforms and fails because it is in the structure. In addition, the simplicity of some non-linear computations against the consequently linear ones is featured.

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For graduate students and researchers in Mechanical and Geomechanical Engineering

Elastic Deformation
Nonlinear Strain
Plastic Deformation