Jane's Tanks Recognition Guide, Modern Fighter Aircraft Technology & Tactics

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На волне воинствующего милитаризЬма - поделюсь-ка я ещё парой книжек, которые лежат у меня уже достаточно давно чтобы не заподозрить AvaxHome в их происхождении... У меня, опять же. Может, конечно, их и раздавали тут пару лет назад - но это уже не в счёт. Так что - читайте, и неуклонно повышайте уровень знаний матчасти, равно как и необходимое каждому настоящему индейцу умение распознать танки потенциального противника!

Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide, 2nd edition (NOTE, this is 2nd, not 3d edition!)

A fully illustrated encyclopaedia of all modern military vehicles in service today. Includes tanks, personnel carriers, reconnaissance vehicles; self-propelled guns and self-propelleled anti-aircraft systems.

- Technical data for over 200 vehicles
- Recognition features
- Line drawings
- Over 1000 photographs

Modern Fighter Aircraft Technology and Tactics, 1995
(Well, it already is not THAT modern... But still may be of some interest)

This book examines the spectrum of modern fighter missions, the physiology and psychology required of the pilots, the weapons and avionics systems, and how these technologies synchronize to make the fighter what it is - a high performance, prestigious military tool at the forefront of power projection. The author takes the reader right through the action, from mission preparation and fighter take-off, through aerial refuelling, air combat, attack and reconnaissance tasking, to aircraft recovery. The book examines how advances in micro-electronics, Stealth and Smart weapons systems are moulding the tactics of the future, and analyzes comparative studies of air combat in the Vietnam war and the Gulf war.