Java OOP Done Right

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Java OOP Done Right

Java OOP Done Right
by Alan Mellor

English | 2021 | ISBN: NA | 202 Pages | PDF, EPUB, MOBI | 3.45 MB

You've seen awful Java code and you're sick of it. Let's fix that Object Oriented Programming in Java - Done Right!
You've seen awful Java code and you're sick of it. Wasn't OOP supposed to make programming easier? Why is this code so bad?

Because it was done wrong, that's why. It wasn't even OOP code. It was a tangled mess of getters and setters, giant untestable methods and organised so badly, you'd think the keyboard just fell down some stairs.

We're going to learn how to do it right. You will learn:

Designing objects with behaviours and secrets
What encapsulation really means
Simplifying conditional code with polymorphism
Using Test Driven Development to find behaviours
SOLID principles - understand them, use them
Design Patterns you will actually use
Refactoring - improving your code as you learn more
Hexagonal Architecture - decoupling external systems to improve test
Handling errors with style
OOP Mistakes - how to avoid them
With your next project, you're going to code Java OOP like a champ.

Craft code you can be proud of!