Jeffrey Veen «The Art and Science of Web Design»

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Jeffrey Veen «The Art and Science of Web Design»

2000 | 300 Pages | ISBN: 0789723700

В честь пятилетия своей книги «The Art and Science of Web Design» ее автор, Джеффри Вин (создатель, выложил ее в публичный доступ на своем сайте.

Несмотря на свой возраст, книга ни в малой степени не потеряла актуальности, поскольку в момент выхода намного опережала свое время: автор пишет о приемах (таких, как безтабличная верстка, например) только теперь набирающих широкую популярность на волне все большей стандартизации браузеров. Посему книга до сих пор успешно продается на Амазоне за 30$.

The Art & Science of Web Design will help you understand the Web from the inside. It is structured around core Web concepts that often get only a passing mention in books on Web design. This book is not a reference book or a style guide. It is your mentor, whispering in your ear all the answers to those ubiquitous questions, and reminding us that there are now new rules and new ways to break them.
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I wrote The Art and Science of Web Design five years ago. That doesn't seem like all that long ago, really, but when I recently paged through the book I was pleasantly surprised to find just how much had changed. When I started writing the book in the winter of 1999, there were no large-scale commercial sites built with standards-based markup. Every single design decision we made factored the dial-up experience. Personal home pages were still a handcrafted-html effort; blogs had only barely emerged on the scene.
-- Jeffrey Veen

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