Paul Johnson - Intellectuals 1988

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Paul Johnson - Intellectuals 1988

Paul Johnson - Intellectuals 1988

English / ISBN: 0060916575 / PDF / 400 pages / 7.70 Mb

Conservative historian Paul Johnson wears his ideology proudly on his sleeve in this often ruthless dissection of the

thinkers and artists who (in his view) have shaped modern Western culture, having replaced some 200 years ago "the old

clerisy as the guides and mentors of mankind." Taking on the likes of Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell, Lillian Hellman, and

Noam Chomsky in turn, Johnson examines one idol after another and finds them all to have feet of clay. In his account, for

instance, Ernest Hemingway emerges as an artistic hero who labored endlessly to forge a literary style unmistakably his

own, but also as a deeply flawed man whose concern for the perfect phrase did not carry over to a concern for the women

who loved him. Gossipy and sharply opinionated, Johnson's essay in cultural history spares no one.