Securing Wireless Lan

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Securing Wireless Lan

Securing Wireless LANs: A Practical Guide for Network Managers, LAN Administrators and the Home Office User
Gillbert Held | John Wiley & Sons | ISBN : 9780470851272 | Paperback | August,2003 | 272 pages | PDF | 5.1 MB

Wireless LANs will enable small teams and communities to communicate via their mobile devices without cables. This new technology will facilitate communication in small businesses/teams such as in hospitals, on construction sites, warehouses, etc.

Held provides a comprehensive guide to the implementation, planning and monitoring of all aspects of wireless LAN security in small offices/small to medium business (SMBs).

Securing Wireless LANs is timely in addressing the security issues of this important new technology and equips its readers with the tools they need to make the appropriate choice for their own situation.

This ideal introduction to wireless LAN technology:

* Provides a broad overview of all the different issues and practical guidance of how to make wireless LANs secure at home as well as in small offices
* Explains how to monitor wireless LANs, configure different types of wireless equipment
* Discusses which technologies are best for different situations and requirements
* Gives practical hints and advice on how to implement them