Audiobook - Daniel C. Dennett : Kinds of Minds - Toward An Understading of Conciousness & Elbow Room

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Audiobook - Daniel C. Dennett : Kinds of Minds - Toward An Understading of Conciousness & Elbow Room

Kinds of Minds (audiobook)
Narrator: Daniel C. Dennett
Codec: 32kbps MP3
Program Format: Author Abridged
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group, 2000
Duration: 3 hours : 31 min.
Original Source: 2 Cassettes
ISBN: 0752839896

Kinds of Minds: Toward an Understanding of Consciousness & Elbow Room

This tape is part of a unique twenty-part series, providing an enjoyable and stimulating introduction to all the main areas of science, selected under the guidance of Richard Dawkins.

What kinds of minds are there? Do starfish, amoebas or dogs have minds? What makes human minds so different? Brilliant philosopher and bestselling author Daniel C. Dennett goes back to basics to question whether there is one special phenomenon, sentience, that distinguishes some organisms from others. He discovers how different minds acquire their different powers, and examines the explosive importance of language.
Dennett is as lively a reader as he is writer and this audio book adds an extra dimension of clarity and understanding to his beautifully written work.

Table of Contents:

01 What Kinds of Minds Are There? 00:00
i) Know Your Own Mind 00:13
ii) What Kinds of Minds are There and How do We Know? 02:39
iii) We Mind-Havers, We 'Minders' 05:11
iv) Words and Minds 13:57
v) The Problem of Incommunicative Minds 21:53

02 Intentionality 00:00
i) The Intentional Systems Approach 00:03
ii) Adopting the Intentional Stance 17:19

03 The Body and Its Minds 00:00
i) From Sensitivity to Sentience 00:05
ii) The Media and the Messages 17:22
iii) My Body Has a Mind of Its Own 34:18

04 How Intentionality Came Into Focus 00:00
i) The Tower of Generate-and-Test 00:06
ii) The Search for Sentience 16:40
iii) From Phototaxis to Metaphysics 28:11

05 The Creation of Thinking 00:00
i) Making Things to Think With 00:04
ii) Talking to Ourselves 17:34

06 Our Minds and Other Minds 00:00
i) Our Consciousness, Their Minds 00:06
ii) What is the Relationship between Pain,
-Suffering and Consciousness? 10:16

07 Elbow Room 00:00
-Please note: Toward the end of this file you may
experience some 'beeps'. This file is from an unknown
source who was satisfied enough to share it. Great book!

Elbow Room is a featured program in "Mind & Reality", Selections from the MIT Press
Format: Abridged Audio
Codec: 32 kbps MP3
Duration: 39 Minutes
Narrator: Julian Lopez-Morillas
Publisher: Audio Scholar (October 1999)
ISBN: 1879557428
Original Source: 2 Cassettes]

Mind & Reality:
In this anthology of selections from The MIT Press, four of today's most distinguished philosophers speculate on the nature of the human mind. Among the subjects discussed are: consciousness and its place in nature, the emergence of language and reflection, the meaning of mental representations, and, in a coda exploding with possibilities, the expansion of consciousness by conceptual revelation. The authors' diverse viewpoints illuminate many issues that bear on current philosophical debates.

1. The Rediscovery of the Mind by John R. Searle
2. Elbow Room by Daniel Dennett
3. Representation and Reality by Hilary Putnam
4. Matter and Consciousness by Paul M. Churchland

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