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Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of the Terrorist

Posted By: jackjones
Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of the Terrorist

Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of the Terrorist
Author: Adam Robinson | ISBN: 1559706600 | Size: 1,39 Mb | File Type: PDF File

Osama bin Laden has presented himself to the world as a zealous freedom fighter and a deeply pious man, a de facto paragon for Muslims everywhere. Telling a far different story, this authoritative new biography lifts bin Laden's mask of moral purity as it recounts his transformation from dissolute rich kid into terrorist mastermind and delineates his long campaign to bring jihad to the United States.
Based on reliable information provided by members of bin Laden's family and extensive independent research, Adam Robinson opens a window onto a privileged childhood riven by jealousies, family politics, and the early death of his father, and depicts the young bin Laden desperately seeking attention and acceptance. Documenting the teenagers excesses in the Beirut nightclub world of hedonism, sex, and alcohol, he traces the steps that led to bin Ladens transformation, via the Soviet-Afghan war and Operation Desert Storm–and with no small amount of media manipulation–into an icon in the Islamic fundamentalist world. The author shows how bin Ladens business skills shaped Al-Qaeda into a kind of Terrorism, Inc., and recounts in detail the increasingly violent stages of his decade-long war against the United States, right up to the attacks of September 11, 2001, and their aftermath.
At the same time he underscores the contradictions and fanaticism of a would-be Islamic hero who claims moral superiority while profiting from the opium trade, which has abetted the spread of HIV and AIDS among fellow Muslims; whose past is littered with alcohol and prostitutes; who courts publicity and seeks adulation within the Muslim world while staging modesty; who inspires his followers to commit murder in the name of a peace-loving religion; and who would go to any lengths to achieve his goal of a global Islamic fundamentalist revolution.
In researching this book, the author traveled to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman, Libya, and Pakistan. Bringing a thorough knowledge of Middle Eastern politics and society to the story, he provides insight into the character of the terrorist and offers a sobering portrait of the real Osama bin Laden.

Chapter 1: Family ties that bind
Chapter 2: The manhatten of the desert
Chapter 3: National politics, childhood scars
Chapter 4: Son of a slave
Chapter 5: Off the rails
Chapter 6: Alchohol and redemption
Chapter 7: Fighting for Islam
Chapter 8: Birth of an icon
Chapter 9: Blowback
Chapter 10: Homecoming of a hero
Chapter 11: Terrorism Inc
Chapter 12: Establishing the firm
Chapter 13: Full circle
Chapter 14: International merger and expansion
Chapter 15: Diversification of the core business
Chapter 16: Smoke Screen
Chapter 17: African smoke screen, World cup soccer
Chapter 18: Putting Atta to sleep
Chapter 19: The president's Nemesis
Chapter 20: Tweaking the nose of the enermy
Chapter 21: Preparing for war
Chapter 22: One day in the sun

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On a personal note I found this quite interesting and worth the read which ever side of the fence you sit on.