Lynda - C# Design Patterns

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Lynda - C# Design Patterns

Lynda - C# Design Patterns
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Implementing design patterns in C# keeps code clean, concise, easy to maintain. Using design patterns establishes consistency that helps developers build better code quickly and solve problems faster. Being able to recognize patterns in inherited code expedites the process of understanding an existing system. Using design patterns improves code readability and testability, while making it more extensible. In this course, developer and technologist Reynald Adolphe explains the purpose and effective use of eight design patterns, including six C# design patterns and two . Net patterns. Specific patterns work as solutions for specific coding challenges, including structural, creational, and behavioral challenges. Reynald helps you learn to identify which patterns work for which problems. He describes each pattern and demonstrates how programmers can leverage them in real-world applications.

* Coding using Factory Method
* Writing with Abstract Factory
* Threading safely with the Singleton pattern
* Working with Concrete Component code in the Decorator pattern
* Setting up the Iterator pattern
* Using the Observer pattern
* Creating a Repository pattern
* Converting to a Unit of Work pattern

Lynda - C# Design Patterns

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