Lynda - Retail Customer Service

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Lynda - Retail Customer Service

Lynda - Retail Customer Service
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Retail customer service happens in a specific setting: supporting the sale or fulfillment of a physical product. Unlike a call center, in a retail scenario you get to meet customers face to face. It can be overwhelming, but it's a great opportunity to deliver fantastic customer service—the kind that gets you noticed by managers, and keeps customers coming back. It starts with a positive attitude, which leads to a good first impression. However, you can't guarantee customers will always be happy. In this course, learn techniques to deal with upset customers, and show empathy with active listening. Instructor and customer service expert David Brownlee—the author of <i>Rock Star Customer Service</i>—also provides etiquette tips to ensure quality service at every point of interaction: from the moment customers walk in the door to keeping them happy while they're on hold.

* Why it matters to deliver good service&#160;
* Creating a positive attitude
* Delivering a good first impression
* Dealing with upset customers
* How to listen
* Retail etiquette, including phone etiquette

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