Learn V programming

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Learn V programming

Learn V programming
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Learn to code in V

What you'll learn
Setting up V on your system using environment variable and symlink.
Understanding language fundamentals of V like variables, constants, control statements etc.
Creating in user-defined functions. Working with higher order function and anonymous functions in V
Creating modules. Working with predefined modules of V like math, array, os, time etc.

Learner should know basics of any programming language like C or Java. There is no need to be expert in any programming language though.
No prior knowledge of V language is required.
Learning new programming language is always complex and at the same time it is a fun. You try many things, you fail and fail till you get success. This process becomes more interesting when you have limited resources available. One such programming language is V. V is relatively new programming language which is rapidly becoming popular because of its simplicity, readability and maintainability. Apart from this V is said to be one of the fasted language available on the earth. So, undoubtfully V programming language (popularly known as Vlang) will make a big impact in IT industry in future. But as I mention very less resources are available for Vlang if you are keen to learn it. This course will be certainly one of the best resources to learn Vlang.

This extensive 'Learn V programming' comes with 50+ videos. The course starts with setting up the V environment and in later stages it also covers the other aspects like control statements, functions, arrays, modules, structures etc. It is in fact a journey from beginner to expert for the student. And guess what, you need to have only basic knowledge of any programming language to understand every concept of this course.

During this course I have covered

Setting the environment for V

Using symlink and REPL

Variables and constants

Working with control statements

User-defined functions

Single dimensional and multi-dimensional array


User-defined modules

Pre-defined modules

After completing this course, you will certainly able to write the code in Vlang. You will be able to create small console based applications using V API.

Who this course is for
Anyone who is interested to know about V programming language and want to try hands on to understand V API.