Learning Oracle PL/SQL

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Learning Oracle PL/SQL

Book Description
PL/SQL, Oracle's programming language for stored procedures, delivers a world of possibilities for your database programs. PL/SQL supplements the standard relational database language, SQL, with a wide range of procedural features, including loops, IF-THEN statements, advanced data structures, and rich transactional control--all closely integrated with the Oracle database server. Knowing where to start with Oracle's procedural language is not always obvious to a newcomer, especially considering the language's feature set and the sheer size of the official documentation (not to mention Oracle's ever-increasing number of pre-built PL/SQL programs). But Learning Oracle PL/SQL offers the signposts and guidance you need to come up to speed on the language, delivered in a manageable number of pages while covering all the essentials. Topics include:

* PL/SQL--what is it, and why use it? Why use PL/SQL instead of Java?
* Syntax and examples of all core language constructs
* Creating, using, and reusing stored procedures, functions, and packages
* Building web-based applications using PL/SQL features available "out of the box" (such as PL/SQL Server Pages)
* Securing PL/SQL programs against attack
* Benefits of third-party developer tools and integrated development environments
* Connecting PL/SQL to email, Java, and the Internet

Meticulously crafted with all-new examples downloadable from, the book addresses language features available in all versions of Oracle, from Oracle7 to Oracle8i to Oracle9i.

Learning Oracle PL/SQL was written by PL/SQL experts Bill Pribyl and Steven Feuerstein, whose easy-to-read style and attention to detail has made other O'Reilly books (such as the bestselling Oracle PL/SQL Programming) very popular among Oracle developers worldwide. Learning Oracle PL/SQL is meant for a wide range of target audiences, including both beginning programmers and those already experienced with other programming languages. Whether you are a new developer, a crossover programmer from another database system, or a new database administrator who needs to learn PL/SQL, this book will get you well on your way. It is the perfect introduction to Oracle PL/SQL Programming, also by Pribyl and Feuerstein.

Book Info
Presents language features, one at a time, in an engaging and readable way. Introduces PL/SQL in a way that's useful to a variety of audiences. Softcover.

Reviewer: ueberhund "ueberhund" (Salt Lake City, UT United States)
Learning Oracle PL/SQL is one of the best books I have read on learning this subject. This book has a little for everyone: you'll learn something if you know the basics of SQL, but have never really done anything with it. You'll also learn something if you've had a lot of experience with Microsoft SQLServer (and T-SQL), but are looking to transition you knowledge to Oracle PL/SQL.

You'll learn about coding anonymous blocks, stored procedures, functions, and packages. You will learn how to write and use cursors, how to organize code into packages, Oracle security basics, Oracle built in packages, and error handling. The book also covers some basics of using SQL*Plus, to make your life a little easier.

If you need a relatively small (less than 400 pages) introduction to Oracle PL/SQL, then this is definitely a book you will want to pick up. If you need more in-depth information after reading this book, pick up the authors' other book Oracle PL/SQL.