The United Kingdoms Legal Responses to terrorism

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The United Kingdoms Legal Responses to terrorism

Michael Joachim Bonell, «The United Kingdoms Legal Responses to terrorism»
Transnational Publishers | ISBN: 1571052771 | March 1, 2003 | PDF | 775 pages | 4,5 MB

NOTE: The Long title of this is
The Unidroit Principles in Practice: Caselaw and Bibliography on the Unidroit Principles of International Commercial Contracts - The United Kingdoms Legal Responses to terrorism

The United Kingdom provides a useful model of the effectiveness of counter-terrorism responses in that the same measures were applied to both international and domestic terrorism with differing results. The United Kingdom’s legal responses to the challenge of terrorism constitutes a substantial and far ranging body of executive and legislative acts, international treaties and conventions, and court cases.

This book constitutes the first academic effort after the September 11, 2001 brutal attacks to study the UK’s legal experience and provides lessons for other democracies combating terrorism at home and abroad. Material included in the volume consists of a large body of documents such as the Prime Minister’s statement concerning al-Qaida; the Terrorism Act 2000; the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001; the Human Rights Act of 1998; the Treaty of Maastricht; and numerous other court cases (e.g. the bombing of Pan Am 103). Important cases reproduced include Al Magrahi, Kebeline, and Chahal.