Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Is There Life After Death

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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Is There Life After Death

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - Is There Life After Death
ISBN-10: 0890876533 | Unabridged edition (November 2005) | MP3 128 kbps / 44100 Hz | 2.25 HOURS | 122 MB

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. (1926-2004) spent her life researching the final phase of human life and was a pioneer in hospice care, bringing an understanding of what happens when we die to medical professionals. She also had an interest in the study of near-death experiences.

One of the most intriguing aspects on this CD is the brief comment about being able to leave your body during certain types of sleep. I had imagined this may be a type of dream state, but Elisabeth Kubler-Ross also points out there are various traumas which can also cause this type of experience, including car accidents where you see yourself while hovering above the body. A few of the main topics include:

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' Mystical Experiences
The Miracle of Life
Unconditional Love
The Soul and the Body
Life after Death
Cosmic Consciousness

The most comforting aspect of her research is the message about no one every dying alone. As you die, you will encounter relatives who have died before, guardian spirits and possibly even religious figures you loved while alive.

To verify her research, she explains how when blind people leave their body, they again have their sight and can describe what people were wearing. Many such instances explain how when you leave your body, you become complete again and feel peace and no pain. This CD presents the positive aspects of dying and is a comforting clarification of what occurs when we shed the body and move to the next stage of our eternity.