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Lighting the Nude: Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets

Posted By: Trixter

Lighting the Nude

Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets

Hello Photography Enthusiasts!

Presenting, Lighting the Nude: Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets (Hardcover)

This is one of the best books in the genre teaching the art form of nude photography. "Lighting The Nude" is created in the same spirit and meticulous fashion as all the other great instructional books from Alex Larg, only this time the vision is bigger and better. At 448 pages this is practically an encyclopedia! The format is very easy to follow: a beautiful nude photograph is featured on every other page, and the facing page contains all the information needed to duplicate the image, which is provided by the actual photographer. It covers the camera used, the film, exposure, lens, and everything else, as well as the lighting fixtures and their placements that went into creating the picture. Wow! If ever there was a fast-track to artistic success, this is it. It's amazing that so many world-class photographers were willing to share their secrets this way. That alone would make this book a worthy investment, but the nudes that are featured are absolutely breathtaking and would be a fabulous production all by themselves without all the incredible knowledge provided. So, to all photographers, get this book! Study its contents! And go forth and create your own masterpieces!

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