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LightWave 3D Character Animation

Posted By: Narga

LightWave 3D Character Animation

ISBN Code: 1556220995
LightWave 3D is one of the most popular 3D packages on the market today, offering the most complete set of tools, the best-looking and fastest out-of-the-box renderer, and one of the most powerful IK engines available. Professional director and animator Timothy Albee updates the best-selling LightWave 3D 7 Character Animation with discussions of advanced animation tools, facial animation, and IK Booster. In addition, he details how to use LightWave to build strong, dependable character setups; provides proven, hands-on tools for mastering the complex mechanics of animation; and covers the importance of storytelling and acting through animation.

* Explore the complete crafting of powerful and reliable character setups.
* Master subtle acting techniques that imbue scenes with life, drama, and power, such as anticipation, gesture, overlapping action, and silhouette.
* Discover how IK Booster adds more power, ease, and functionality to LightWave’s existing Inverse Kinematics system.
* Use LightWave’s Dope Sheet, Dope Track, and Motion Mixer tools to improve your output in creating animation.
* Find out how to use morph targets to sculpt your characters’ facial performances.