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Machine element design Basics - I - Shaft, Bearings & Gears

Posted By: BlackDove
Machine element design Basics - I - Shaft, Bearings & Gears

Machine element design Basics - I - Shaft, Bearings & Gears
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Learn about the fundamentals of design of common rotating machinery components in mechanical design engineering

What you'll learn
Basics of Shaft design
Basics of Lay outing for power transmission systems
Shaft design for strength considering stress concentration and fatigue
Bearing Selection process and Bearing life calculations
How to calculate factors for modified L10 life of bearing
Gear design from scratch - specifications , CAD workflow, Force analysis and Stress analysis
Design methodology for Helical , Bevel and Worm gear design in Fusion 360

Machine design is a large subset of study under mechanical engineering design which includes design of common components used in machines.

This is a mega-course of 3 courses in 1 which covers multiple aspects of design of Shafts and elements which are generally mounted it - Bearings and Gears.

It is a deep dive into the Shaft design process and selection also deals with the Bearing selection in detail . Then moving to a deep dive in Gear design with practical CAD design of gears based on input specifications.

Topics covered:

Shaft and layout design

Basics of simple power transmission system design

Loads and Load cases

Materials and manufacturing of shafts

Basics of Shaft design

Layout scheme and General lay outing

Keys and key ways

Set screws and collars

Splines and Serrations design selection based on standards

Interference and press fits

Stress analysis - method of analysis

Incorporation of stress concentration factors

Notch sensitivity in fatigue

Endurance limit and modifying factors

Deflection and Slope

Stress due to interference fits

Torque capacity of press fits

Solid vs Hollow shafts and Couplings

Bearing Selection

Factors which drive Bearing selection

Contact stresses study

Bearing life equation derivation and L10 life

Modified Life - Factors

Contamination factor, viscosity ratio

Determining equivalent bearing load

Mounting scheme

Example to go through the selection process

Gear design

Conjugate action in Gears

Involute profile construction

Spur gear design basics and CAD workflow (fusion 360)

Contact Ratio and Interference

Basics of Helical gear design and CAD workflow (fusion 360)

Basics of Bevel gear design and CAD workflow (fusion 360)

Basics of Worm gear design and CAD workflow (fusion 360)

Force analysis of spur gear

Force analysis of Bevel gear

Force analysis of Helical gear

Force analysis of Worm gear

Stress calculations for standard tooth profile

Pitting equations

The course is intended to be a library of knowledge regarding machine components and will be expanded further in the future with more examples and case studies.

Who this course is for:
Students who want to learn from the application point of view on how to design components
Professionals who want to refresh their basics relating to component design
Enthusiasts looking for a reference guide to designing components for simple mechanical assemblies