Mastering Floors "start at the bottom"

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Mastering Floors "start at the bottom"

Mastering Floors "start at the bottom"
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Instructor: Dustin Luby

Ceramic, Vinyl Plank, Peel n stick, Laminate and more

What you'll learn

Installation and repair of many different types of flooring.


Be ready to master flooring.


In Mastering floors, We start at the bottom. This course will teach you all about the different floor coverings available such as laminate, vinyl , tile and wood and the methods required for installation depending on the sub floor you are working with. The idea of a new floor is to make it look like the floor went in first. You will learn the order of operations for removing and replacing a floor, how to trim out that floor and then transitioning it to another. You will learn about the pre install preparation of each material needed to ensure an awesome finished product and also how to correct issues such as a rotted subfloor. We will also discuss the different tools required for flooring jobs, which ones are worth investing in and which are not.

Whether you are ripping out, replacing, repairing or redo-ing, mastering floors will certainly help you master any floor covering and teach you how to produce a lasting quality install that is sure to give any house a new place to stand on. Let’s get to it.

Laminate flooring install.
repair rotted subfloor
install underlayment
install vinyl plank
install peel and stick vinyl tile
install ceramic tile
install sheet vinyl
How to replace a ceramic tile
..and how to trim out a new floor.

Who this course is for:

Beginning or intermediate Construction technicians

Mastering Floors "start at the bottom"