Home Automation from Scratch

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Home Automation from Scratch

Home Automation from Scratch
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Learn Home Automation Engineering

What you'll learn:
Fundamentals of IoT technology and Home Automation System
To Learn and build Home Architecture System
To Learn & work with hardware for instance sensors, actuators, relays, Micro controllers , Bluetooth Module
To learn and use of different types of IoT gateways (Bluetooth , ZigBee, LoRa WAN, NB-IoT) used in home automation
To Learn & work on IDE software and cloud
To build home automation Project step by step with an example of demo project
Professionally and beautifully designed/planned, well crafted and sequenced small amazing lectures with supporting documents and links

Anyone who is inspired with most promising future IoT technology
Anyone who is enthusiastic and curious to learn ,excel and work with home/office automation technology

Hi there :
Are you really  interested in home automation engineering then this course is the right fit for you as complete hands-on course on design and development of an home automation system from scratch . This course is designed conceptually and systematically  that will take you form basic  to advance level where you  would be able to understand  all about home automation system ,how to design and automate any home or office . I ensure you that undoubtedly this course would be  fun for you to learn, design and  make any home smart in  easy steps that are mentioned in this course.
The course begins from introduction of home automation system, how and why it has been  taking over the world in its influence ?Why should you learn or switch your specialization in this gorgeous and most adorable technology. In a research survey it is said that “ IoT technology & its applications  is a big paradigm shift for the world and individual life and career to be succeed in future.
As a Professor of having more than 22 years of teaching ,learning and research experience I tried to design contents of  this course very clear and to the point  . I am pretty sure this course will help you to understand and develop your basic concept about  home automation engineering ,  architecture of home automation , how to make house hold devices/appliances smart  and  how to write code to control devices, how to control them wirelessly and to develop sustainable, cost effective and scalable smart home automation system .
At the  completion of this course, all learning and knowledge will  take you towards a home automation demo project  that will provide you an insight and complete visualization how to connect smart device with microcontroller, wi-fi module, how to write code and how to give instructions to devices  on android phone remotely . 
Well ,My dear friends some high lights of this course are :
1)   To the point & articulate short crispy videos lectures well authored by Experience and professional  academician
2) To learn basics of home automation system and  how & why  this is grabbing  the attention and becoming most promising  technology of this earth planet.
3) To learn architecture of home automation system.
4) To learn about various components, how to make devices/appliance smart with  the help of  sensor, actuators and how to connect  them with relays
5) To learn & work with microcontrollers for instance Arduino Uno, HC-o5 Bluetooth Module.
6) To learn about various  IoT gateways ,their role ,how to connect  smart devices  with them for instance   ZigBee, LoRa WAN, NB-IoT gateways
7) To Learn circuit  connection for home automation system.
8)To learn how to use  &  how to write  code using Arduino IDE to control  smart devices.

What you will be able to Build
How to control any home device/appliance
How to write  code to control any home device using Arduino IDE.
How to connect any home device with android phone to control them from anywhere, anytime. 
Who this course is for:
This  course is for  all those who  want to pursue or shift their career in home automation engineering which is the most promising  technology . Particularly this course  will be   suitable for college/schools students, teachers, technology  enthusiasts and  those who are keen and curious in building home automation projects for college/  market.

Who this course is for:
College/schools students, Tech enthusiastic ,Engineers, Developers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs
Anyone with a keen interest to learn and work with home /office automation system based on IoT most promising future Technology

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