Wiley - Mastering UNIX Shell Scripting

Posted By: cyruspy

Mastering UNIX Shell Scripting | 2003 | PDF | 707 pages

This book is intended as a learning tool and study guide to learn how to write shell scripts to solve a multitude of problems by starting with a clear goal. While studying with this book we will cover most shell scripting techniques about seven times, each
time from a different angle, solving a different problem. I have found this learning technique to work extremely well for retention of the material to memory.

I urge everyone to read this book from cover to cover to get the maximum benefit.
Every script is written using Korn shell, which is the industry standard for scripting solutions in Unix, although some may argue this point. There are several versions of the Korn shell shipped with Unix, depending on the Unix operating system (OS) and
the version of the OS release. I have found that the shell scripts in this book will run on any of the Korn shell versions without any modification.

This book goes from some trivial task solutions to some rather advanced concepts that Systems Administrators will benefit from, and a lot of stuff in between. There are several chapters for each level of complexity scattered throughout this book. The shell scripts presented in this book are complete shell scripts, which is one of the things that sets this book apart from other shell scripting books on the market. The solutions are explained thoroughly, with each part of the shell script explained in minute detail down to the philosophy and mindset of the author.