Nick Wienholt, "Maximizing .NET Performance"

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Nick Wienholt, "Maximizing .NET Performance"

Nick Wienholt, "Maximizing .NET Performance"
Apress | ISBN 1590591410 | 2003 Year | CHM | 2,66 Mb | 304 Pages

Maximizing .NET Performance is the first book dedicated entirely to providing developers and architects with information on .NET Framework performance. .NET is a technology with a vast surface area, and coverage of every aspect of performance relevant to all .NET technologies is not possible within a single volume. This book concentrates on the performance of .NET Framework technologies like garbage collection, .NET Remoting, and Code Access Security. Because these technologies form the building blocks upon which all .NET applications run, the information in this book is relevant to all .NET developers.

In addition to providing high-level material on achieving software with good performance characteristics, the books aims to enhance readers’ knowledge of the design and implementation of the Framework, and to provide the tools and techniques to allow readers to conduct their own investigation into performance problems. Rather than a ‘tips and tricks’ approach, the book aims to provide a detailed exploration of each topic, and explore the ‘whys’ and ‘by how much’ aspects (with actual benchmark results) of performance that are often overlooked.

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