Microsoft Computer Dictionary 5th Edition

Posted By: Helden

Microsoft Computer Dictionary 5th Edition
Microsoft Press | ISBN 0735614954 | 2002 Year | CHM | 656pages | 5 Mb

The fifth edition of the award-winning MICROSOFT COMPUTER DICTIONARY. The Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition is designed to be a comprehensive and authoritative source of definitions for computer-related terms and abbreviations. The dictionary includes terms drawn from a wide variety of topics relevant to computer users, including software, hardware, networking, data storage, graphics, games, information processing, the Internet and the World Wide Web, gaming, history, jargon and slang the myriad acronyms, organizations, programming, and standards. Now features more than 10,000 entries! It's been fully updated and expanded to cover the latest technologies and terminology you will encounter at work or home-from encryption to XML, Linux to Microsoft .NET, Tablet PCs to digital TV.
Covers everything from smartphones to superservers, 10Base2 to ;-)
Helpful diagrams and drawings complete the picture for complex topics.

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