Microsoft Office Programming: A Guide for Experienced Developers

Posted By: sash

By Rod Stephens
APress 2003
ISBN 1-59059-121-6
File format chm

Most Office programming books start from scratch. They assume you are a complete novice and explain all of things beginners need to learn such as how to declare arrays, write subroutines, and place a control on a form. If you already know how to program with Visual Basic or VBA, these book are a huge waste. Out of a 600-page book, you're lucky if you get 200 pages of new material. This book assumes you already know the basics of Visual Basic or VBA programming and jumps right into the middle of the topics you need to know to program Microsoft Office. It covers the five core Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook) in detail and shows how to get the most out of these powerful applications



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