Ben L. Feringa (Editor), "Molecular Switches"

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Ben L. Feringa (Editor), "Molecular Switches"

Ben L. Feringa (Editor), "Molecular Switches"
Wiley | ISBN 3527299653 | 2001 Year | PDF | 4,63 Mb | 476 Pages

Every day we use switches to turn electric appliances on and off and no computer could function without them. Molecular switches work in the same way, changing from state one to another depending on environmental influences. However, as opposed to normal switches, molecular switches are extremely tiny and their application in nanotechnology, biomedicine and computer chip design opens up whole new horizons. In this manual, the editor and authors describe molecular switches made of catenanes and rotaxanes, dihydroazulenes, fulgides, liquid crystals and polypeptides. The spectrum of topics discussed ranges from chiroptical switches via multifunctional systems to molecular logic systems and biomolecular switches. A wealth of information for chemists and materials scientists in industry and academia interested in one of the most innovative branches of their discipline.

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