M.Sprange, «Dungeons and Dragons Guidebook. More Ultimate Equipment»

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M.Sprange, «Dungeons and Dragons Guidebook. More Ultimate Equipment»

M.Sprange, «Dungeons and Dragons Guidebook. More Ultimate Equipment»
Mongoose Publishing | 2003 Year | PDF | 1,97 Mb | 48 Pages

This PDF is designed to supplement and enhance the Ultimate Equipment Guide, available from all good games stores as a magnificent hardback, jam-packed with many new items of equipment. However, this book is not necessary to use this PDF, as any of the equipment here may be inserted immediately into an existing campaign with no other reference material necessary. The items presented here will not necessarily make a character better or more powerful – at best, they will increase the options he has available or make him a little more capable in certain situations. The main role of this selection of equipment is to greatly expand a character and provide a further way to distinguish himself from his compatriots. After all, not every fighter specialising in archery will boast he own and elven recurve bow, nor will every wizard be able to proudly display the page and spell marks that make his daily studies so much easier.

Every new item of equipment introduced in this PDF comes complete with its own description, usage, relevant statistics, including weight and average cost to a purchasing adventurer. Games Masters are encouraged to populate certain areas of their campaign world with various items of equipment listed here. It will add far more to a game if players are forced to travel to a specific city to buy a favoured item of equipment, or knowing that the new item they have found on a merchant’s caravan (or down the last dungeon!) was made thousands of miles away – this will also ensure they take a lot more care of their equipment if it cannot be easily replaced, and some players may start becoming as protective of them as they are of their unique magical items!

More Ultimate Equipment is a PDF supplement to the Ultimate Equipment Guide, compiling even more of the best Open Game Content material available, as well as adding a whole host of new items. Designed to be seamlessly slotted into any fantasy-based d20 games system, this PDF follows the same philosophy as the mainstream Supplementary Rulebooks. Games Masters and players alike will find a wealth of options to enrich their characters and antagonists.

In the d20 System, most equipment is essentially an extension of a character. Most tools, for example, only exist to allow certain skills to be exercised. Weapons define how much and what kind of damage a character inflicts in combat. Armour and shields defend, while components fuel the spells they cast. Very little identity is often given to these vital items and so equipment in general can become very ill-defined. This PDF, with its many pages of options and designs, seeks to redress this balance by providing something new for every race and class. Games Masters and players will discover items here that will help refine or even redefine their characters. Regardless of taste, there is something in here for everyone.