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SAS Institute, «Moving And Accessing SAS 9.1 Files»

Posted By: Alexpal
SAS Institute, «Moving And Accessing SAS 9.1 Files»

SAS Institute, «Moving And Accessing SAS 9.1 Files»
SAS Institute | ISBN 1590472306 | 2004 Year | CHM | 0,18 Mb | 150 Pages

Discover how you can choose from among multiple strategies to easily move or access SAS files across operating environments. In this guide you learn how to use CEDA, the preferred strategy for file access across a network. CEDA enables you to:

transparently read a network-mounted SAS file from any directory-based operating environment that runs SAS Version 8 or later, regardless of the file format of the SAS file
dynamically convert data between the native formats of the source and target operating environments
change the SAS file to the format of the accessing operating environment.
You can also learn how to use the traditional method of moving a SAS file across operating environments by creating a transport file that will be restored at the target machine to transfer across a network, PROC CPORT, PROC CIMPORT, PROC COPY, and the XPORT engine are used to accomplish a traditional move operation.

Starting in SAS 9, another method of moving a SAS data set across operating environments is to use the XML engine to convert the file to an XML document. At the target machine, the data can be restored as a SAS data set for continued access.