MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer

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MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer
Author: Paul A Hulse;Bernadette M Crrington

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pages: 266 pages
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1859960693
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Format: PDF
Size: 10.38 MB
This title is an essential reference for all radiologists using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to identify and diagnose pelvic cancer. Aimed at radiologists with limited experience of MRI of pelvic cancer, the book starts with three introductory chapters focusing on basic pelvic anatomy, imaging and reporting. The subsequent chapters focus on each of the major types of pelvic cancer using a consistent format to aid diagnosis. Written by internationally renowned authors, this title will be an invaluable bench reference for all those required to report on MR examinations, with accurate cancer staging aided by the extensive use of high quality MR images of pelvic cancer.
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