MySQL - Building User Interfaces - New Riders

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MySQL - Building User Interfaces - New Riders

MySQL - Building User Interfaces by Matthew Stucky - New Riders
ISBN: 0-7357-1049-X | July 2001 Year | 1st Edition | CHM | 2.03 MB | 656 Pages

MySQL: Designing User Interfaces starts by introducing the functionality of GTK+ and how to migrate from Microsoft's Visual Basic. It then introduces MySQL as a simple, fast, reliable database for corporate applications.

The book then flows into the how-to of combining GTK+ and MySQL through the coverage of the C API for MySQL because it is the "backend" to a GTK+ application. It then expands its coverage and teaches about heterogeneous network and deployment issues, as well as migration from existing systems to MySQL.

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Table of contents:

Chapter 1. MySQL for Access and SQL Server Developers and DBAs.
Chapter 2. GTK+ for VB Developers.
Chapter 3. More GTK+ Widgets.
Chapter 4. Advanced GTK+ Layout Widgets.
Chapter 5. Glade for VB Developers.

Project 1: Order Entry, a Simple Transactional Application.
Chapter 6. Order Entry Abstract and Design.
Chapter 7. Construction of the SESI Order Entry Application.
Project 2: Worldwide Commissions Application.
Chapter 8. Commission Calculations Abstract and Design.
Chapter 9. Constructing the Commissions Application.
Chapter 10. Commission Calculations Deployment.
Chapter 11. Management Reporting Abstract and Design.
Chapter 12. Management Reporting Construction.
Chapter 13. Compiling the Key Business Indicators Application.

Chapter 14. Dynamic User Interface Control with XML.

Appendix A. Glade-Generated Files from the SESI Order Application.
Appendix B. Glade-Generated Files from the Worldwide Commissions.
Appendix C. Glade-Generated Files from the Key Business Indicators Application.

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