Hacking: Tips and Tricks to Get Past the Beginner's Level

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Hacking: Tips and Tricks to Get Past the Beginner's Level

Hacking: Tips and Tricks to Get Past the Beginner's Level (Password Hacking, Network Hacking, Wireless Hacking, Ethical versus Criminal Hacking, Hacker Mindset Book 2)
English | 2016 | ISBN-10: 1541204999 | 82 pages | AZW3/PDF/EPUB (conv) | 1.37 Mb

Detailed Hacking Guide to Put You Well Past the Beginners Level!

You know the basics of hacking, and you are thinking about purchasing this book so that you can learn more about it. Wise decision! As I’m sure you can see just by turning on CNN, Hacking is a very mainstream topic nowadays. Throughout the entire 2016 American election cycle it was discussed by all the pundits. There were claims that the Russians may even have hacked the election. And now, the CIA officially came out and announced (with no evidence) that the Russian government was involved in hacking the US election to help Donald Trump attain the presidency. Only time will tell if these claims are accurate or not. Nonetheless, Hacking is no doubt a topic that deserves further analysis and has piqued many people’s interest. No matter what happens, Hacking is here to stay and it would be wise for everyone to learn more about it.

Hacking is a controversial issue, and the fact that you have purchased this book speaks volumes. You are a dedicated hacker and clearly want to understand this science in much more detail than what was proffered in our beginner’s guide. You may not be an expert yet, but this book is designed to put you on the path to get there. Since this only number 2 in our Series, it is not designed for Hackers that are extremely advanced and who have been doing this for years. Instead, please purchase this book if you are an individual that has some Beginners knowledge of hacking, isn't a complete newbie, and is dedicated to the topic enough to attain the next level.

Throughout These Chapters You Will Learn

How to become an ethical hacker
The Evil Sides of Criminal Hacking
How to circumvent passwords not only on a computer but from other devices as well
Getting into a network through different means
Active Hacking Versus Passive Hacking
Frequent mistakes made with Hacking and How to avoid them
Developing the right Hacker mindset
And More!