Agile Application Security, 1st Edition [Early Release]

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Agile Application Security, 1st Edition [Early Release]

Agile Application Security, 1st Edition
English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 1491938846 | 376 pages | MOBI/PDF/EPUB (conv) | 3.45 Mb

As the fastest growing, most commonly adopted development lifecycle, agile software development enables organizations to react quickly to rapidly changing customer requirements and market conditions without heavy capital investment or long delays. But many people in the software industry believe that this finely tuned balance of processes, patterns, and practices is difficult to integrate with traditional security management techniques.With this practical guide, you ll learn a range of security tools and techniques specifically adapted to integrate with agile development. These practices aim to bridge the divide between these two worlds and bring security confidence and consciousness without compromising innovation, flexibility, and speed."