Udemy – Learning Grunt

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Udemy – Learning Grunt

Udemy – Learning Grunt
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Accelerate and automate web development workflows using Grunt

Grunt, an industry-standard JavaScript task runner, is used by professionals to tame and automate the most repetitive parts of the workflow. It is loaded with a wealth of free plugins that are available online empowering you to maximize your development time and minimize human error; just what every developer wants!

Learning Grunt is a systematic guide that will help you build up your workflow from installing and using Grunt to a basic degree, to advanced configurations and creating your own plugins.

We'll start off by creating our development area and getting Node and Grunt installed. Then, we'll move on to look at some Grunt basics including defining and running tasks as well as working with configuration. Next we'll dive into getting the first iteration of our workflow setup, with a focus on running basic tasks. From there, we'll evolve our workflow into a more advanced build system focusing on tasks such as loading modules better using RequireJS, and testing our application using Karma and Jasmine. Lastly, you'll learn how to create your very own plugins in order to make your workflow unstoppable.

This course will give you the workflow you need to help you focus on building high-quality applications and sites instead of wrestling with manual processes.

About the Author

Dan Wellman is a JavaScript developer based in the UK. He has a decade of hard-earned experience working for companies big and small including local boutique design agencies, and more recently, the Skype division of Microsoft.

Dan has written and co-written nine books for Packt, mostly centered on jQuery and jQuery UI, and he regularly creates immersive video tutorials for various websites and companies.
What are the requirements?

You should be familiar with JavaScript and CSS. Familiarity with Node.js will be beneficial, but it is not essential.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 27 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Create a development workflow in which you can lint and build your source files, run your unit tests, and preview your site in a web server, all from the command line
Make the most of NodeJS to create scalable and real-time applications
Configure RequireJS to accelerate your code performance
Minimize your work time by adding multiple configurations for a single task
Test your code like a pro using Karma and Jasmine
Integrate Git into your Grunt workflow for powerful source control management
Identify common issues and problems in Grunt and brush up your troubleshooting skills

What is the target audience?

If you are a front-end developer who wants to streamline your development workflow with an automated build system, this course is for you!

Udemy – Learning Grunt