CS101 Bootcamp Introduction to Computer Science & Software

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CS101 Bootcamp Introduction to Computer Science & Software

CS101 Bootcamp Introduction to Computer Science & Software
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A Computer Science & software programming / coding bootcamp for absolute beginners. No coding background necessary.

My "CS101 Bootcamp: Introduction to Computer Science & Software" course aims to be a Computer Science and software programming introductory course / bootcamp for anyone with no technical background in Computer Science. If you've used a smartphone or computer in the past, that will be sufficient for you to take this 2-hour course, and explore the basics of Computer Science and software programming, as well as up-to-date topics and the latest technology trends in Computer Science.

If you are an absolute beginner to Computer Science, you will enjoy this course because:

It teaches you the basics of Computer Science and Software Programming, and you can take it with zero technical or computer background.
This beginner course has the basics of Computer Science (normally an entire semester or several months) packed into a 2-hour course. You can finish it in one day, or if you prefer to take one lesson of a few minutes per day, still be able to finish it within a week.
Whether you plan to become a software programmer or engineer, or just learn the basics of Computer Science or Software Programming out of curiosity, this beginner's course will equip you with fundamental understanding of Computer Science concepts.
The course is updated with the latest technology that you would expect to use in 2017, such as developing mobile apps, Big Data, cloud computing, and SQL and NoSQL databases, etc.
The course has minimal exams / quizzes, so that you can focus on learning the material in 2 hours or so, and then decide for yourself whether you want to do more advanced programming courses.
Topics I teach in this course

Basics of hardware:
How processors (CPUs), memory, disk drives work
The basics of desktop and laptop computers and portable electronics such as smartphones and tablets
Basics of software
How software is built. The basics of compilers, interpreters and assembly language.
Popular programming languages
Building webpages in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript: the core technologies you need to build websites today
CSS frameworks and the Bootstrap CSS framework
Introduction to JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Angular and React
Programming concepts in Java
Introduction to the Java programming language
Fundamentals of programming languages, such as variables, statements, functions, classes
Additional programming concepts in Python programming language
How Python differs from Java
Why Python is popular, and Python programming constructs that help with data analysis or simple scripting
Web servers: Apache, Tomcat, nginx
Basics of PHP and Ruby programming languages
Why PHP is popular
Introduction to popular PHP packages / frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc
Mobile app development
iPhone, Android and other programming models
Databases: SQL and NoSQL
Sample SQL and NoSQL scripts
Introduction to popular databases: MySQL, SQL server, MongoDB, etc.
Big Data and data analysis
Brief introduction to Hadoop
Cloud computing
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Private, public and hybrid clouds
Conclusion, and next steps to becoming a full programmer

CS101 Bootcamp Introduction to Computer Science & Software