Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist (Part Two)

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Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist (Part Two)

Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist (Part Two)
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Complete guitar lessons & music theory course. Beginner to advanced. Solo, chords, tab, strumming, writing, jamming!

Welcome to Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist! This course is a comprehensive guitar & music theory guide for all guitar students - beginner through advanced. Lectures begin at the very beginning. Students do not need any prior knowledge of guitar or music.

Students can use any guitar they have - electric, acoustic, or classical. With the exception of the Guitar Anatomy lesson, we will not discuss types of guitars, electronics, effects, amps, or guitar gear. This course only focuses on guitar playing & theory.

This course is in 8 sections that are cumulative (each lesson builds on the previous lesson.) The sections are: GUITAR BASICS, BEGINNER LEVEL, NOVICE LEVEL, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ADVANCED LEVEL, EXPERT LEVEL, WORLD CLASS LEVEL, and JAM ALONG.

In each section (except JAM ALONG), we focus on these fundamentals:




-Scales & Modes

-Other (technique, music theory, or special skill)

The JAM ALONG section is a bonus section with 10 videos, each with a PDF, of live-recorded jam along guitar loops for you to practice soloing (improvising) while the background chords are playing. The keys and scales are clearly marked & charted out on the whiteboard (and the PDF attachments) so you'll know exactly what to play!

Every video in this course has a PDF attachment that you should download (and print) to use as an additional resource while studying with these videos.

Your guitar teacher, Dan, has been sitting with guitar students for over 25 years. These lessons & these videos are the result of a lifetime of experience working with people just like you!

The teaching method used in this course is designed to have the material explained in depth and in the correct sequence for it to make sense to you. Music learning is a cumulative experience – it must be taught in order and in good detail. It should be easy for the student to learn. It should be fun!

This is a big moment in your guitar journey. Let's begin!

Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist (Part Two)