The Complete National Geographic Magazine (Full CD)

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Date: 08/01/2006

By John Barnes
Washington Apple Pi Journal, March/April 1999, pp. 36-38, reprint information
A certain fascination with the National Geographic magazine has its roots in my childhood. The pages of the yellow volumes made for fine reading in the waiting room of many a dentist, doctor, veterinarian etc. There are any number of newspaper stories featuring eccentric recluses who died surrounded by complete collections of the magazine. The magazine seemed to be a particular thing for pack rats.

I dimly recall several boxes that were deep-sixed in various moves that my own family made. Let抯 see: at perhaps 800 issues or so over 109 years, with each issue about 1/4 of an inch thick, a crude guess is that a complete collection would occupy something over 15 feet of shelf space.

Well, you can easily see why I was attracted when I saw an ad for the complete set of National Geographic in a handsome wooden case about a foot wide. The box contains 28 CD-ROMs, which hold every issue of National Geographic magazine between issue number 1 in 1888 to volume 192 number 6 in December of 1997. The CD-ROM for 1998 should available soon. There are also some sets available for single decades. Check the National Geographic Society (hereinafter referred to as the NGS) at:
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