The 10 Natural Laws of Time and Life Management (Audio Book)

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The 10 Natural Laws of Time and Life Management (Audio Book)
by Hyrum W. Smith

You'll learn to apply ten natural laws that will help you achieve your goals and understand human behavior.

Strongly influenced by Benjamin Franklin, Smith, CEO of a Utah consulting company, offers insightful pronouncements on America's time fragmentation. "Life is getting more and more hectic. The daily treadmill is accelerating, and we have to run faster and faster just to stay in one place." His recommendations for regaining control of time, events and hence life are intriguing, as are his suggestions on goal setting, planning and negative behavior traits. Yet Smith's sharply focused managerial constructs become muddled with material on "life management," aimed at achieving "inner peace--the transcendant feeling of fulfillment and well-being." And his commercial endorsements of his company's seminars and products are irksome.

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