Network Security Bible (2005)

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Network Security Bible

PDF | 697 pages | 5.64 MB

If you need a solid foundation in network security, this is it Here at last is a comprehensive, focused guide that covers network security from applications to zip files. You'll learn network security principles and best practices, how to apply measures appropriate to various systems, how to identify and respond to an intrusion, and how to evaluate your security. You'll even get guidance in making the case for enhanced security to leaders of the organization. Whether you're learning the basics or seeking more detailed knowledge, you'll find this reference invaluable. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of network security issues Identify and apply best practices for Windows ;, UNIX ;, and Linux ; systems Understand the fundamental tenets of information system security, especially confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) Set up appropriate security policies and manage implementation Learn to secure Web browsers, protect corporate portals, and implement secure e-commerce applications Configure e-mail systems and set up different types of servers for safer access Choose the best security approach for various network protocols, particularly OSI and TCP Explore the special security issues of wireless networks Examine cryptography and steganography and how they can support communications security Test your system and interpret the results