Never Be Lied To Again (David Lieberman, 1998, FULL VERSION repost)

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Never Be Lied To Again (David Lieberman, 1998, FULL VERSION repost)

Never Be Lied To Again : How to Get the Truth In 5 Minutes Or Less In Any Conversation Or Situation

ISBN: 0312186347
Author: David J. Lieberman
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: 1998-05-15

Details and reviews:

"When liars are being accused of something, they'll stay calm because they're working on their rebuttal; this is why detectives were suspicious of O.J. Simpson when he didn't express outrage when accused of murdering his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman. Never Be Lied to Again is bursting with tested tips like this for quickly determining when you're being boondoggled. Body language, facial expressions, sentence structure, and word choice can all reveal when someone is lying, says psychologist David J. Lieberman, and he includes 46 of these "clues to deception" to help you, including tricks for framing questions without putting others on the defense. Once you use your newly honed "human lie detector" skills to figure out if you're being lied to, you can then dig for the truth using the specific, influential words and body postures that Lieberman suggests. Written with flair and humor, Never Be Lied to Again is designed to help you get the upper hand in any situation, whether you're trying to figure out if your spouse is cheating on you or if you suspect your coworkers are cooking the books."

Excerpts from this book have been posted at AvaxHome previously and are available elsewhere but are usually only 15 pages long. This is the FULL version (144 pages) in PDF format.

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