Newbery, Timothy J., "Italian Renaissance Frames"

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Newbery, Timothy J., "Italian Renaissance Frames"

Newbery, Timothy J., "Italian Renaissance Frames"
Metropolitan Museum of Art/H.N.Abrams | 1990 | ISBN: 0870995871/0810934558 | English | PDF | 111 pages | 18.25 Mb

The frames created in Italy during the Renaissance are unequaled in their range of design, richness of decoration, and craftsmanship. Often works of art in themselves, they have suffered nonetheless from their subordinate role. The objects framed might be treasured but the frames were expendable, and frequently they were altered or discarded to keep pace with changes in taste over succeeding generations. The result of such neglect is that comparatively few Renaissance frames survive and little is known today about the artists and artisans who designed and made them. The study of Italian Renaissance frames, as of frames in general, is a study in its infancy.

Drawing on the outstanding collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, this book presents a unique, fully illustrated survey that traces the Italian frame from its origins in the great Gothic altarpieces through its various, often elaborate manifestations as an independent unit up to the seventeenth century. Within this chronological context, selected examples are grouped by type, and centers of production are identified wherever possible. Profile drawings provide specialist information. The discussion includes frames for mirrors as well as pictures and reliefs, and bronze and terracotta frames as well as wood.
Philippe de Montebello


George Bisacca and Laurence B. Kanter

Timothy J. Newberry and Laurence B. Kanter

I. Pre-Renaissance Frames (1–6)

II. Tabernacle Frames (7–34)

III. Gallery Frames (35–51)

IV. Tondi (52–60)

V. Cassetta Frames (61–80)

VI. Renaissance-Style Frames (81–84)


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Timothy J. Newbery is a frame maker and restorer and an expert in the study of European frames.

George Bisacca is Conservator in the Metropolitan Museum's Department of Paintings Conservation.

Laurence B. Kanter is Curator of the Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum.

Bellini, Giovanni (Italian, Venetian, active by 1459, died 1516) | Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi) (Italian, Florentine, 1444/45–1510) | Donatello (Italian, ca. 1386–1466) | Duccio di Buoninsegna (Italian, Sienese, active ca. 1278–1318) | Francia, Francesco (Francesco di Marco di Giacomo Raibolini) (Italian, active by 1482, died 1517/18) | Gaddi, Agnolo | Giambono, Michele (Italian, Venetian, 1420–1462) | Giovanni di Ser Giovanni (called Lo Scheggia) (Italian, Florentine, 1406–1486) | Granacci, Francesco (Francesco di Andrea di Marco) (Italian, 1469–1543) | Lippi, Filippino (Italian, Florentine, probably born 1457, died 1504) | Lippo Memmi (Filippo di Memmo) (Italian, Sienese, active by 1317, died 1356) | Lorenzetti, Pietro (Italian, Sienese, active 1320–44) | Martini, Francesco di Giorgio (Italian, Sienese, 1439–1501/2) | Martini, Simone (Italian, Sienese, active by 1315, died 1344) | Master of the Codex of Saint George (Italian, Florentine, active second quarter of 14th century) | Master of the Orcagnesque Misericordia (Italian, Florentine, active second half of 14th century) | Paolo di Giovanni Fei (Italian, Sienese, active by 1369, died 1411) | Piero della Francesca (Italian, ca. 1420–1492) | Pietro di Domenico da Montepulciano (Italian, Marchigian, active first quarter of 15th century) | Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio or Santi) (Italian, Marchigian, 1483–1520) | Segna di Buonaventura (Italian, Sienese, active by 1298, died 1326/31)

Newbery, Timothy J., "Italian Renaissance Frames"