NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement 6-CD Set

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NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement 6-CD Set

NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement

Some of the world's top NLP trainers define NLP and provide an extensive sampler of its uses. Learn strategies for: getting motivated; using upside and downside planning more effectively, and dealing with anxiety. Use an accelerated seven-step process to identify your personal mission, then a four-step goal achievement process to pursue that mission. Discover ways to gain cooperation and detect when you're losing rapport. Respond resourcefully to criticism. And much more! If you want to achieve peak performance, this set is for you!

"I listened to the CD over two days and I was able to stop one behavior completely after listening to the first side with just one technique. Since that time this behavior has never had power over me. My only regret is that the store didn't carry the book as I've read that it has 43 exercises. The CD has 6 exercises all of which are life-changing. I highly recommend this CD and I can't wait to get the entire book." -Rodney M. Daut Placentia, CA USA

"Quite amazingly, I bought this book from the AA Books stall at a marked down price during an ANLP conference. Amazingly because this is possibly the most powerful NLP book I have yet come across.

Produced by "The NLP Comprehensive Training Team" (which includes Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner and Tim Hallbom) and edited by Andreas and Faulkner, this book comes as close as one could expect to its claim to be "the most effective guidebook ever to learning and applying [NLP] to achieve whatever you want". Packed with practical exercises (in the middle of the text, never mind the ends of the chapters!), plus what the authors call "The NLP 21 Day Unlimited Achievement Program", this really is a book that could seriously change your life.

Highest recommendation - if you are ready to experience the power of NLP * * * * * * * -Andy Bradbury, Honext Abe's NLP Emporium, UK

"This is a great book for people who want to learn some NLP and test the effectiveness of NLP techniques before immersing themselves deeper.
The book is entirely practical - it is loaded with 43 different exercises / experiments you can do to improve different aspects of your life.
The book has some essential NLP techniques - such as Swish pattern, Fast Phobia Cure, Creating Reapport, Circle of Excellence, Reframing, some basics related to working with Time-Lines - that everyone can benefit from learning and using.

By the time you're done going through the exercises in this book, you're bound to become more empowered and know how to access your inner resources and run your mind and neurology to reach your goals and remove some obstacles from your path." -Laura De Giorgio, Canada

"This book is a great introduction to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. It not only includes a primer to bring you up to speed on what NLP is, but explains some of the more advanced techniques and methods of programming. About the only downside of this book is the fact that exercises appear in the middle of most chapters, which tends to cut into the "flow" of reading. Still, the exercises appear in a quite logical sequence, and you get used to it after the first few chapters.

Despite its choppy presentation, the book is extremely readable, entertaining and leaves one with a strong understanding of the fundamentls of NLP itself. For those of you who are new to NLP, this is definitely the first book that I would read." -William Hefner EUREKA, CA USA

Each CD is archived seperately to ease download.