Notable Acquisitions, 1980–81

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Notable Acquisitions, 1980–81

Notable Acquisitions, 1980–81
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art | 1981 | ISBN: 0870992848 | English | PDF | 82 pages | 11.28 Mb

The usefulness of Notable Acquisitions, now in its third year of publication, rests upon not only its providing an illustrated record and an informative survey of curatorial ambition and resourcefulness in the acquisition of works of art, but also its displaying the generosity of those friends of the Museum without whom this publication would have, in many areas, fallen considerably short of being notable. Indeed, this issue of Notable Acquisitions, no less than its predecessors, reflects an acquisitions policy determined as much by happenstance as by governance, not so much because of the lack of availability of exceptional works of art as by the capricious nature of the art market and the lamentable inadequacy of the Museum’s unrestricted funds.

Ancient Near Eastern Art
Egyptian Art
Greek and Roman Art
Islamic Art
Medieval Art and The Cloisters
Arms and Armor
European Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Costume Institute
Musical Instruments
European Paintings
Prints and Photographs
American Paintings and Sculpture
American Decorative Arts
Twentieth Century Art
Primitive Art
Far Eastern Art

Bellange, Jacques (French, ca. 1575–1616) | Biederman, Charles (American, born 1906) | Bouchardon, Edme | Broadwood, John (English, 1732–1812) | Chang Yü | Cranach, Lucas, the Elder (German, 1472–1553) | De Kooning, Willem (American, born the Netherlands, 1904–1997) | Derain, André (French, 1880–1954) | Epiktetos (Greek, active ca. 520-490 B.C.) | Euthymides | Fairchild, Sarah | Forbes, William | Fuseli, Johann Heinrich (Swiss, 1747–1825) | Gong Xian (Chinese, 1619–1689) | Johns, Jasper (American, born 1930) | Lichtenstein, Roy | Manet, Édouard (French, 1832–1883) | Matta (Roberto Matta Echaurren) (Chilean, 1911–2002) | Miró, Joan (Spanish, 1893–1983) | Myers, Myer (American, 1723–1795) | Noguchi, Isamu (American, 1904–1988) | Ochtervelt, Jacob (Dutch, 1634–1682) | O'Keeffe, Georgia (America, 1887–1986) | Perry, Enoch Wood (American, 1831–1915) | Pollock, Jackson (American, 1912–1956) | Rothko, Mark (American, born Russia, 1903–1970) | Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (American, 1848–1907) | Seurat, Georges (French, 1859–1891) | Stomer, Matthias | Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista (Italian, 1696–1770) | Van Dyck, Anthony | Vernet, Carle (French, 1758–1836) | Wang Zhenpeng | Witek, Joan

Notable Acquisitions, 1980–81